Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remembering Iris Berman, Dedicated BCI Board Member

We were saddened to receive the news that former BCI Board member Iris Berman has passed away.

The time and energy Iris brought to her BCI board service was far and above the norm. She was nearly singlehandedly responsible for starting our annual fundraising events, with the Hubcaps oldies band and then the Comedy Showcase. In this 2005 picture, Iris (right) collects tickets at the door with some help from her mom.

I had the opportunity to work with Iris on our fundraisers for several years, having committee meetings, making flyers, collecting donations for the auction. She was a longtime board Treasurer who was here before I came, and was active in many other areas until leaving in 2006. It was a pleasure to work with her as a board member, and to get to know her as a person.


Matt said...

I forgot to mention, one thing that Iris always put before BCI was the Blue Rocks. She would go to every game and actually made us schedule our board meetings around their schedule. We did, of course.

Basha said...

Thank you for your beautiful words Matt. I wish I could express myself that way. I will miss Iris too, she was dedicated to BCI and the work that we do.