Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grant Writing Season

If you're a regular BCI Blog reader, you might think things have been quiet here. Why so few posts lately? Actually, it's grant writing season, and we've been hard at work on some applications for new federal funding.

Writing a grant is a long, tedious process – from the beginning when we’re throwing out ideas, trying to funnel them into a coherent concept; to the end, chasing down that last letter of support that we know went out, just not where it ended up. What a relief to upload the finished package to the agency and see the message come up on my screen, “Confirmation.”

But there’s also an exciting aspect. Grant writing is our chance, as treatment providers, to think big. To think how we can do what we do in a better way. To visualize how we could better meet our clients’ needs and try to put it into practice. To think about where we can partner with other community agencies, and where our new, most promising practices like recovery coaching fit in. And to use some pretty cool language like “treatment that works in a new way.”

Now, we wait a few months to see if we get an award. And, I get back to my regular posting duties here (after some vacation time next week). So things aren’t quiet at all here at BCI. Actually, there’s quite a lot going on. Stay tuned.

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