Monday, April 6, 2009

2008 Patient Satisfaction Survey

The results of our 2008 patient satisfaction survey are in. Thanks to the 503 patients who responded and rated us in areas such as environment of the clinic, confidentiality, and how much counseling is helping you.

This year we saw a huge increase in the number of surveys completed – almost 200 more than in 2007! That is great because it gives us a 23% sample, which is much more representative of the total population.

In general, your ratings were very consistent from last year in all areas. One exception is a notable increase in satisfaction in mental health services at South Chapel. We think this is due to a dramatically reduced wait time. At one point last year, it was taking up to 13 weeks to schedule people for with the psychologist, but by shifting our staff time from other locations to Newark, we were able to reduce this to 4 weeks.

Some other highlights of the survey:
· You felt BCI’s services were confidential and private.
· You thought our rules and policies were carried out fairly.
· Overall, across all BCI locations, you were satisfied to very satisfied with your treatment.

Survey results have been shared with our staff, who will be working with our Continuous Quality Improvement committee to address your most important needs.

Do you have more suggestions for us? We want to hear from you. Did the survey touch on the issues that are important to you? If you were designing our survey, what questions would you ask?

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