Monday, April 13, 2009

Delaware Needle Exchange Enrollment Reaches 500

As of today, we have 507 unduplicated clients enrolled in the City of Wilmington's Needle Exchange Pilot Program, who have exchanged more than 17,450 needles in two years and some change. This means that we have incinerated over 17,450 potentially infectious syringes and removed them from our streets. Since it is a one-for-one exchange, there is virtually no needle litter problem anymore.

231 participants self-reported that they were referred by another needle exchange client. This proves that word-of-mouth advertising is what works with this population.

Caucasian clients make up 71% of the caseload; however, we are working on increasing the participation of African Americans.

1087 Rapid HIV tests have been completed on the van. 182 HIV tests were NEP clients. The other 905 were community members who accessed HIV testing because we brought the service to them. As a result of our success with reaching the community residents where we target injection drug users, we are planning to begin offering the combination Hepatitis A and B vaccine on the NEP in the coming weeks.

Other noteworthy numbers:
  • 11 HIV Positives have been identified on the van.
  • 40 formal referrals to treatment.
  • 25 confirmed linkages to drug treatment.


Online Counseling Blog said...

This is a fantastic program and obviously one needed in the community.

Anonymous said...

I am an recent IV user and have been getting my needles from a diabetic after his prescription gets filled, problem is they only last so long and he can only get so many. I'm not a resident of Wilmington, how do I take advatage of this?

Basha said...

Hello Anonymous, At this time this program is for residents of Wilmington. If your residence changes, you may enroll in this program without a problem. As an IV drug user it is imperative that you have access to sterile syringes. In order to enroll, please come to one of the regularly scheduled sites, see the schedule on the website, and enrollment is fairly quick and easy.