Friday, January 16, 2009

Sussex County's Soup Lady

Every Tuesday Dale Dunning stops by Brandywine Counseling Georgetown to deliver soup to our clients, many of whom are homeless. Dale runs Jusst Sooup Ministry, which is a soup kitchen on wheels, but much more. She distributes basic necessities to the most needy in Sussex County. The Cape Gazette has a nice article about how she got started with just an idea and the desire to help.

Dale is always punctual and happy to feed our clients. Some of them who have a community service requirement have done volunteer work with her organization. Besides soup, she’s brought us bagels, hot pretzels, sandwiches, and whatever she can get her hands on at the time. At Christmas she brought a big pot of cocktail wienies that were a big hit.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the soup is wonderful! Gloria, the supervisor at Georgetown, says her favorite is the potato, broccoli, and cheese. She also likes the wedding soup and chili.

Thanks Dale for all you do!

Photo c/o Ron Macarthur, Cape Gazette

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Krystal Cooper said...

She was also featured in People magazine (the January 16th issue) on page 114.....Check It out!!!