Friday, January 23, 2009

Must-Reads 1/23/09

It's time again for our occasional series where we share some of our favorite posts from around the blogosphere dealing with addiction, recovery, and related issues.

The Give and the Take
Jim Atkinson looks at what alcohol added to his life when he first started drinking, and what it took away that made him stop.

Please Don’t Forget
From L.A.’s Homeless Blog, a poem about the unsolved murder of a homeless man. Heart-wrenching.

What If There Were an Alcoholic Gene?
A question from Etta at The Second Road.

Report: Needle Exchange Program Finds Mixed Success in Atlantic City
The challenges of NEP startup in neighboring New Jersey.

On MLK, Jr. Day: I, Too, Have a Dream
From the World of Psychology blog, some timely thoughts on stigma and the mentally ill.

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