Monday, January 5, 2009

Most Popular Posts Last Year

Happy New Year, readers! Let's start off 2009 with our Top 10 most popular posts in 2008.

1. Annual Door Decorating Contest
2. Mosaic Mural is Finished!
3. The Saying Goodbye to Addiction Tour at BCI
4. 5 Questions for Evelyn Handley, Receptionist
5. Delaware Does More: Neighbors Helping Neighbors All Winter Long
6. 5 Questions for Karen Barker, Account Manager
7. 5 Questions for Darlene Pezzulo, Nurse
8. Thanks to You, We're On Our Way to Playground Goal
9. 5 Questions for Dianna Dorsey, Outreach Worker
10. Daily Message 4/1/08

That's right, folks... at Brandywine Counseling, we treat addiction and save lives, but we also help you decorate your door for Christmas! :)

What makes a post popular, anyway? In some cases, people find us through Google, or Google Images. But more and more, our visitors come through email links that a friend sent them, or from a link another visitor created. This means YOU have a say in making a post popular.

So when you read something you like here, take a moment and click the ShareThis icon, or add us to your StumbleUpon. While I think most of the posts above deserve to be in the Top 10, I'd rather see this one on the list, and this one. This one was one of my faves too. What are your favorites?

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