Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome, Joint Commission Surveyors

A little bit like a student studying for their final exams, mixed with a homeowner tidying up the place for a very important guest. Tense and meticulous, yet confident. That’s the mood of the staff here at BCI as we prepare for a survey by Joint Commission.

All the light bulbs have been checked, the floors have been given an extra mopping, and there’s a fresh coat of sky blue paint on the wall at Lancaster. We're pulling together important documents, and making sure we know our policies inside and out. For me, it means checking the latest performance data, and taking a close look at why wait time is down, and successful discharges are up. Sure, we do this stuff throughout the year, we just give it extra attention at a time like this.

The Joint Commission last visited us in 2007, and they gave us high marks. Those of you who chose BCI for treatment have come to expect high quality services, and we work to provide you the best possible care. You trust us with your lives every day, not just when someone is watching. So even as we check and double check that all our i’s are dotted and our t’s crossed, we can be confident that excellent care will show through, just as you can be confident in your treatment.

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