Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today is National Call-In Day to Include Addiction in Health Care Reform

National Addiction Health Care Reform Call-in Day: Make sure every health care reform bill includes addiction services. Take Action!

Call your members of Congress on TODAY, Wednesday, June 17, to tell them to make sure addiction prevention, treatment and recovery-support are included in Health Care Reform!

Today, June 17, the addiction prevention, treatment and recovery communities, along with allies from the mental health community, are hosting a Call-In Day to make sure that health care responses to addiction and mental health conditions are part of any national health care reform proposal considered by Congress. Call your members of Congress, and make sure our voice is heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill!

Background: Members of Congress and the Obama Administration are hard at work on proposals to reform the nation's health care system. Some drafts and proposals have already been released, and others will be released in the next few days. These bills will be reviewed, amended and (if all goes according to plan) voted on before Congress leaves Washington for its August recess. For more information about these health care reform proposals and NAADAC's responses to them, please visit

So far, all of the draft healthcare bills or proposals include some mention of addiction and mental health. However, the serious discussions are just getting underway and strong advocacy will be needed to make sure that the full continuum of addiction and mental health services are included and will be available for people seeking recovery, just like any other health condition.

Click "Take Action" and then enter your zip code to get the names and phone numbers of your members of Congress.

Please join others from across the country to flood Capitol Hill with calls about the importance of including addiction and mental health services in health care reform!

This message was sent by the NAADAC-NAATP Government Relations Department, 1001 N. Fairfax St., Ste. 201, Alexandria, VA 22314 Ph: 800.548.0497 x129

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