Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Client's Review of BCI: Turn Your Life Around and Get Your Freedom Back

We had to share this with you. One of our clients wrote a heartfelt and honest review of BCI on "Ronzo" has been in and out of treatment for close to 9 years. They received "life changing services that turned my life around in the right direction." Here are some excerpts from their review:

On gratitude to BCI:

They really take it upon themselves to provide you with the up most care and affection they possibly can. If there wasn't places like brandywine counseling than I might not be here today.
On how treatment reduces crime:

It keeps the crime down, "in there part of town anyway". You might say how? If a drug addict needs drugs every day to keep from getting sick. When he or she run's out of money look out, because someone is getting robbed so thats how. If we don't have to worry about getting sick thanks to brandywine counseling then everyone on drugs gets the medication and mental stability to keep off of drugs then everyone is happy and there car radio's are snug and secure in there dash boards.
On what they enjoyed the most:

Learning to love my self and to respect others that have the same or similar problems as myself.

On the biggest challenges facing the organization:

Keeping the place up and running because I can say that they try and help every one that comes in there door but that comes with a cost of course nothing is free and asking a drug addict at rock bottom to pay for it some times is asking a lot.
On why to come in for help:

So if there is anyone out there that wants to come clean I would really recommend BCI. It's a great place to turn your life around and get your freedom back from addiction, and make amends with family and friends not to mention your higher power.
Ronzo, thanks so much for your review. It means a lot to us as staff, and it can really help others who are looking for help. We wish you well in your recovery.

Do you want to share your experience as a client? Want to tell us what’s good and what needs improvement? Write your review today.


Kathy said...

I cringe when think of life before brandy/w. the only TRUE thing that bothers me is that their counselors suck. they ARE NOT ADDICTS!!!THAT MAKES A HUGE, HUGE dif., and everyone knows that.

Matt said...

Hi Kathy, I'm sorry you weren't happy with your counselor. You have the right to request a new counselor if you aren't clicking. Please speak to a supervisor to make this request.