Monday, August 25, 2008

Volunteer Spotlight: Loretta Legg, Alpha North Wilmington

Lorretta Legg has been volunteering with Brandywine Counseling for several months. She has been a valuable addition to our North Wilmington Center. In our latest volunteer spotlight, Loretta tells us about her experience in her own words:

I was a client, so I already knew about BCI and what it had to offer. I talked to Monalee about volunteering. I asked her if she needed help, and she said, "Yes."

Currently, I'm working on helping with putting together the BCI Recovery Picnic and Grand Re-Opening of the North Wilmington Office. I then helped with updating the North Wilmington Safety Emergency Policies and Procedures Manual. Our next project is to develop a proposal for two working Community Gardens inside the Edgemoor Community Center and around the North Wilmington Office.

I'm getting to understand a lot more than what just my addiction was like, and learning how to handle the different addictions by helping others. When you do a Meet & Greet with a client, it is easier to answer questions about BCI for clients when you have already been through the process. We had a client come in who asked, "Do we have to talk in group?" I remember when I was nervous about having to come and share in group, so I understood exactly how he felt and I was able to assure him about participating in groups.

I think Monalee and I have the same demeanor. I like working with her. We get along well. I've worked in an office before, so what I am asked to do I feel comfortable with doing because of my prior work experience.

It's a good feeling. I don't mind helping out anybody, because if I help they will give it back in the end. I think I get that from my dad.

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