Friday, August 22, 2008

The Lighthouse Program Wish List

The Lighthouse residential program for women and children is in need of the following items:

1. Pampers, Pampers, Pampers
2. Wagons
3. Photo frames and albums for children's pictures
4. Exercise DVD's for moms
5. Sheets, comforters, and pillows for twin beds/blankets --some for adults, some for kids
6. Yard work supplies for gardening/landscaping (little garden tools, shovel, weed wacker)
7. Single strollers
8. Clothes for children of all ages
9. Clothes for women: robes, panties, bras and socks, pajama's
10. Tupperware, pots/pans, dishes, cups
11. Jump drives to store computer work like resumes, meeting schedules
12. School supplies
13. Birthday or holiday presents and party supplies
14. Clock radios
15. Haircut gift certificates
16. For our re-entry house for women nearing completion of treatment and transitioning to their own housing: Furniture, sheets, comforters, artwork, towels. You can adopt and decorate a room in this 4 bedroom house.

If you have items to donate, please call (302) 424-8080 or e-mail us at contactbci[at]brandywinecounseling[dot]org. Thank you!

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