Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clients Honor Their Peers in Ribbon and Recovery Award Ceremony

Clients at the BCCS Lancaster Center gathered at the Grand Opera House December 10, 2010 to honor their peers for success in treatment. The event was called the Ribbon and Recovery Award Ceremony. Staff selected the honorees, and clients also voted in two categories during the previous month. The honorees were:

1) Most Improved: Betsy Hernandez. For showing growth or gross improvement in treatment for six months to a year, at counselor’s discretion.

2) Continued Maintained Abstinence: Kristin Boulden. For entering the Late Recovery phase of treatment with no history of relapse for the past 6 months to a year.

3) Most Gained from Treatment/Therapeutic Services: Pedro Rivera. For active engagement during session and applying the techniques and strategies discussed to daily endeavors.

4) Most active in recovery, outstanding sober support: Joseph Gardner and Kathleen Joyce. For actively attending recovery based meetings such as NA, AA, or Alanon.

5) Most likely to succeed in treatment: April Zeller and Laverne Crawford. For entering the Orientation and/or Stabilization phase of treatment and putting processes and changes in place for a successful sober lifestyle.

6) Most engaged in group: Kathleen Piunti. For active involvement and participation during group therapy, and actively attending group sessions.

Honoree Kathleen Joyce had this to say about her award:

“It's a fantastic feeling to be going on the right road. I have found my way back with the help of BCCS and many others who have put their hands out to lift me up and to show me the way to freedom. How wonderful at my age to learn something new everyday, and to be able to go forward as a new and productive citizen.

“I like the person who I am now, and look forward to every day with a renewed spirit, knowing that by the grace of God and my own strength and knowledge, I am going to be a positive force to be reckoned with.”

Also honored at the ceremony were the clients’ choice for Favorite Nurse, Sharon Kozlowski; Favorite Counselor, Silver Debrick; Favorite Lancaster Program, Women In Transition; and Honorable Mention, Joyce Lewis and Brenda Harris.

BCCS hopes to continue the Ribbon and Recovery Awards as an annual celebration. Congratulations to all the honorees on this well-deserved recognition!

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