Sunday, October 10, 2010

JustGive Will Match Your $10 Donation for 10 Days is celebrating 10 years of giving. Thanks to donors' generosity, JustGive has sent millions of donations to tens of thousands of charities working throughout the world. Brandywine has received $871 from supporters like you through JustGive since their start.

To celebrate these 10 years of giving, thank donors, and further their mission of increasing charitable giving, JustGive will add $10 to every donation made for ten days, beginning 10/10/10.

When you visit and donate $10 or more to Brandywine, a $10 match will be added to your gift. Your donation helps people recover from addiction and mental illness, and now with this $10 match, you can have an even greater impact.

So let's take advantage of this special offer! Please forward this post to anyone who supports Brandywine's work. Together we can make a difference for recovering persons and their families. Thank you.

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