Friday, June 11, 2010

BCI Offers Anger Management Classes

One Day Anger Management Class
  • Do you have a hard time managing anger?
  • Has anyone ever told you your anger is an issue?
  • Are you being court ordered to complete an anger management program?
If so, come to Brandywine Counseling’s One Day Anger Management Course and gain the skills you need to better understand your anger, and how to effectively manage and cope with intense emotions.

**This program meets court ordered requirements. It is open to any BCI client as well as the public.

When: The first Friday or Saturday of every Month, 8am till 4:30pm
  • Friday July 9th (2nd Friday due to holiday)
  • Saturday July 10th (2nd Saturday due to holiday)
  • Friday August 6th
  • Saturday August 7th
  • Friday September 3rd
  • Saturday September 4th
Cost: $150.00
Payment can be made between 6am and 12pm Monday thru Friday

Where: Brandywine Counseling
2713 Lancaster Ave.
Wilmington, DE 19805

Please contact your counselor for more details, or call the information line at (302) 656-2348 ext. 625.

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