Thursday, April 1, 2010

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

BCI is proud to be a community partner in the 2010 Blue Bow Campaign for Child Abuse Awareness, which takes place during the month of April. We have planned several activities to educate our clients and staff and provide you with tools to utilize within your personal and professional lives, and within your communities.

This week, BCI staff were given a blue ribbon to decorate and hang on their door. On Wednesday April 7, staff will sit in our lobby and dispensing areas and hand out bookmarks, ribbons, and tattoos. Later in the month, we will have presentations on how abuse affects children, and what is reportable. An art therapy project is also planned for our clients and their children.

Here is a complete calendar of events from Children and Families First.

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Stuart Kaplowitz said...

A worthy cause to be aware of. Thanks for reminding everyone. Stuart Kaplowitz, MFT