Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recovery Month Contest: Make a Movie, Make a Difference!

Recovery Month is here, and BCI is celebrating with a contest! We want you to make a movie to spread the word that treatment works. What? You don’t have a video camera? No problem, you don’t need one, all you need is your keyboard. First, watch the clip below!

We made this movie about HIV prevention on Xtranormal.com. It’s a Web site where you type in whatever dialogue you want, and the cartoon characters say it. Then you add sound effects, actions, and expressions. When you’re done, publish it and share it with your friends. It’s fun, easy, and anyone can do it!

So our contest is called “Make a Movie, Make a Difference.” Here’s the rules:
  1. Create a movie on the theme of recovery, treatment, HIV prevention, or any service BCI offers.
  2. After you’ve published your movie, enter it in the contest by posting the link in a comment to this blog post. Email us your name and contact information to contactbci[at]bcidel[dot]org.
  3. Entries are due by close of business October 29, 2009. Winners will be announced October 30, 2009. We will pick the best submission by a community member, and the best by a BCI staff member. Winners will get a prize to be announced, and your movie will be featured on BCI’s Web site.
We are looking for creativity as well as educational value. What would you say to support someone in their recovery? To tell someone where to go for treatment? To get someone to take an HIV test? Movie-making is a new and exciting way to get your message out. Maybe your movie will even “go viral” and be seen all over the net! What a difference that would make.
Those are the rules – everybody go to it!


Basha said...

Love it Matt.

Dee (Outreach)

Basha said...

Love it Matt!

Jimbo said...

Great idea Matt, love it. I may try it myself. Best wishes, JIMBO

Anonymous said...

I love it, we are hip, cool, and fantastic. BCI ROCKS!!!! Send this one to Hollywood. Matt, great job!