Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Fletcher, Alpha Center

Jennifer Fletcher volunteered with Brandywine Counseling Alpha for several Fridays to do a project we called "Creating a Welcoming Entrance."

We know that first impressions matter when someone walks into our program for treatment, so we decided we wanted to make the atmosphere a little more attractive. Jennifer saw our ad posted online, and based on her skills in working with people and being creative, she was confident that she could do a good job at this. She was excited about the opportunity to help BCI succeed. We gave her lots of creative freedom, and she did not disappoint us!

First, she decided to spruce up our outside entrance by painting our front door and railing the Brandywine colors, dark blue and burgundy. This was a great idea, as we can now give people directions by telling them, “Follow the blue railing!” But Jennifer wasn’t done yet. She also added a splash of color to our reception area. Our staff picked out a color called “Tranquil Retreat.” It really does have a calming effect when you walk in! I think our clients would agree that it does feel more welcoming around here.

We enjoyed having Jennifer here and we thank her for the time she put in to do this work!

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