Monday, September 15, 2008

Lighthouse Program to Open Re-Entry House

The Lighthouse Program will be opening a re-entry house on October 1, 2008, where moms and their kids will live as they prepare to complete their treatment and live independently. The house will provide an opportunity for the women to practice what they’ve learned in treatment, in the community.

A woman eligible for the re-entry house must be in the final phase of her treatment, the re-entry phase. She will be employed in the community, and may have a car. She will pay a reduced rent, so she can continue to save and meet her self-sufficiency goals. Program requirements become less restrictive, as the client will continue to provide drug screens, attend one group a week, and receive case management as needed to continue her transition to independent living with her children.

Each re-entry resident will also make a commitment to work one shift a week at The Lighthouse inpatient facility in Ellendale. She will serve as a role model and demonstrate responsibility and clean and sober living skills. After 3 months, she may submit a proposal for “Candidate Out,” and graduate the program.

We are very excited about this addition! It will allow us to serve more new women as we phase successful clients out of the program, while maintaining their input and connection to The Lighthouse.

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