Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Playground Update: Longwood Foundation Makes a Gift

BCI has received another major contribution toward the Lighthouse playground. The Longwood Foundation has awarded us a grant of $3000 toward this project. This is wonderful news!

The Longwood Foundation is one of the nation’s largest private foundations, and among the top Delaware foundations by total giving. Fields of Interest include Arts, Culture, Community Development, Education, Environment, Health and Human Services, Youth Services, and Hospitals. The foundation distributes over $35 million annually to various charities, primarily in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

We've sought the support of foundations while we also appeal to you in the community. Though the playground itself costs $10,000, the total costs will be higher when we include installation, play mulch, and landscape fabric. So we still need to hear from you! Our goal remains at $10,000 from our supporters in the community, and if we can get there, foundation grants will cover the remaining costs. Just over $2500 to go – this blog is up to more than 250 visitors a month, so if we all gave just $10, we would reach our goal!

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