Friday, May 30, 2008

The Art Group's Lighthouse Donations Box

This is Daniel Norvell, I'm a Counselor at ALPHA and I run the Art Group. The Art Group ALPHA Program has created a donation box for The Light House Women's and Children's Program for raising funds for a Playground for the residents children which is located at the right hand corner of the front desk coming into the BCI/ALPHA Wilmington site. 15 individuals participated in the project over a five week period. The donation box includes a sled ( for the money to roll into the box) and a merry –go -round that moves, a swing set that swings and a see saw that moves up and down with carefully crafted paper dolls and a sandbox. On each side of the box is a collage for each panel of the box reflecting the joys of playfulness and imagination of childhood. The Art Group came up with the idea based on the concept of a miniature playground as a group challenge taking available Art materials to create the miniature play ground. Each person discussed the joys of having a play ground when they were small, being a a child and rekindling positive past memories and creating positive memories and futures for the children of the The Light House Women’s and Children’s Program.


Matt said...

Daniel, great story of clients helping clients - thanks for sharing.

Denise said...

What a wonderful idea! Creative and therapeutic--thank you all so much, from all the women at the Lighthouse Program!

Matt said...

We've collected nearly $15 in two weeks from the box - thank you so much!