Thursday, August 30, 2007

Needle Exchange Reaches 100th Participant

Today the Delaware Needle Exchange Program signed up its 100th participant. Over 700 syringes have been exchanged since startup back in February.

Congrats to Basha, Rochelle, and the staff on this milestone.

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Friend Of BCI said...

I truly believe that saying congratulations on this enormous accomplishment is not even hitting the "tip of the iceberg." This is an amazing program and thankfully it has been catching on with the local people who are most in need of this service. It is a wonderful feeling to know that such good people like Basha and her crew exist, and have such a never ending passion for this program. Even though this type of work never comes with great fame and fortune (which I personally think it should) the effort that these people produce should not go unnoticed. They are not merely serving 100 participants, they are potentially assisting thousands of others, whether it be direct family or friends, or indirectly by providing the community with a concrete way to help prevent further destruction that the disease of addiction has unfortunately caused on it's people.