Monday, August 13, 2007

Mosaic Mural Is Finished!

Now when you walk in the door to Brandywine Counseling, you’ll literally see addiction growing into recovery.

A tree made up of tiles and glass with treatment-related words and phrases written on them covers the wall in the entrance hall of the Lancaster Center. The mosaic mural is an attractive and inspirational addition, one that our staff, clients, and visitors will appreciate for years to come. We’d like to send a big thanks out to the artist, Emma Glencross, who volunteered her time to do this mural for us.

Emma truly went above and beyond our expectations for this project. She spent several hours a day over two weeks to single-handedly create this original artwork. This is in addition to meeting with staff to plan the concept, collecting all the materials she used, and firing the tiles in her pottery kiln. It was a pleasure to work with Emma. She not only has great artistic talent, but great dedication to serving others.

Our volunteers really do make a difference here at Brandywine. They have lots of fun too. We’ve got lots more projects available, so if you’re looking to give back to your community, check out our list here.

Click the photos to view full size.


Matt said...

We get lots of visitors on this post, especially from outside the U.S. - just wondering what brought you here? It would be great to know if our mural is inspiring similar projects elsewhere in the world!

Anonymous said...

This mural is an inspiration! Thank you for posting pictures. I would love to ask the artist a bundle of questions about her technique for a similar project we are considering for our church.

Matt said...

Thank you, please email us at contactbci[at]brandywinecounseling[dot]org if you need help getting in touch.

Roger Whiting said...

Mosaic murals, especially community-involved mosaics are quite inspiring. Great decision for your counseling center :)