Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Help Create Our “Words of Recovery” Mural

BCI needs your help with a creative and fun project. We have a volunteer artist working on a mural at the Lancaster Avenue site. This will be in the main entry hall so it will be the first thing you see when you come through the door.

The mural will be made up of mosaic tiles with words and catch phrases related to recovery written on them. You can help by sending us a list of words or phrases that have special meaning to you.

We want to show how addiction grows into recovery, so we’re looking for three sets of words:
1) Negative words associated with addiction, such as: fear, guilt, mistakes, shame.
2) In-between words associated with getting help, such as: decisions, acceptance, contemplation, One Day at a Time.
3) Positive words associated with recovery, such as: family, goals, Hugs not Drugs, beginning.

Post your list here by February 28. Your words might inspire those who need it most.

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