Monday, August 5, 2013

Warning: Fentanyl Laced Heroin

In July, SAMHSA released an urgent warning for Physicians and Treatment Providers to be aware of the new risk of illicit fentanyl-laced heroin and cocaine on the drug market.

Recently, small clusters of overdoses and overdose fatalities in a variety of communities, mostly in the eastern United States have raised alarms.  

Some of the dangers of Fentanyl are:
·         Fentanyl amplifies the potency of heroin and cocaine, and even a small amount can result in overdose or death.
·         The appearance of fentanyl analogues occurs against the backdrop of increasing overdose fatalities due to high rates of opioid prescribing and misuse, as well as individuals transitioning to heroin as prescription-pharmaceuticals becomes more restricted. Whether the fentanyl analogues persist and spread or not, the situation with regard to opioid overdose and fatalities is desperate.  
·         The CDC Vital Signs released a July 2013 report that noted that although more men die from prescription painkiller overdoses nationally, the gap between men and women is closing. The number of prescription painkiller overdose deaths increased fivefold among women between 1999 and 2010.

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Alexis said...

This is just scary. There's enough to worry about when you're loved one is doing heroin, but have to worry that they may get ahold of dope that laced with more dangerous chemicals is just insane. Thanks for the heads up.