Thursday, March 21, 2013

March is Social Work Month

March is Social Work month, so it’s a good time to say thank you to all of our dedicated staff at BCCS who work hard every day to help our clients make positive changes in their lives.  Below is a message written by BCCS’s Elizabeth Lombino, a Social Worker and the Director of Community Based Services & Staff Training and Development. 

Being a Social Worker means so many different things to me. It means having the opportunity to connect with diverse, vibrant people. It means a strong level of professional integrity. It means having a deeper understanding of the human race.

Being a Social Worker means being misunderstood. I kind of like this aspect of our profession. I am willing and able to inform others as to why the work of Social Workers is so important. Attempt to expand our collective world view.

Being a Social Worker means knowing how to work a soap box. Educate and advocate on behalf of those who do not always have the power or voice to advocate for themselves. Getting into a good debate with someone is part of the deal. These are the moments I feel most like a Social Worker. Advocating and attempting to raise awareness. Plus, I like to learn about people and see how their mind works. It’s a challenge and I kind of like that.

Being a Social Worker is a big part of who I am. Being a Social Worker means that I am part of a vibrant and wonderful profession. I could not imagine myself being anything other than a Social Worker.

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