Monday, October 8, 2012

BCCS Participates in DE Pride Fest!

BCCS participated in the Delaware Pride Festival on September 8, which was located at the Diamond State Park in New Castle, Delaware.  BCCS staff had a table to highlight the numerous services for addiction and mental health that are available to the GLBTQ community.

Pride Festivals have been traditionally both a place to celebrate and to provide support for those of the GLBTQ community.  GLBTQ Pride Festivals are now in all 50 states, and are also celebrated globally in many places including Europe, Russia, China, India, Africa and Asia.  Pride festivals are a celebration for not only the GLBTQ Community, but the community on a whole. The word pride speaks of the feeling of self worth, connectedness, and dignity that festival such as this embrace. 

During the festival, an older gentleman came over to the BCCS table.  He introduced himself and said, "I'm 64 and I just came out.  This is my first Pride Festival.  I’ve struggled with depression my entire life and I’m slightly depressed currently. I just want to meet others in a similar situation to me.”  After we spoke for a bit, I directed him to services that BCCS offered that could help him overcome his depression and find a network of people with similar struggles.

After my interaction with him, I sat down and reflected on his comments and our interaction. I realized that the power of BCCS isn’t just the services that we offer, but it’s our openness to people and our non-judgmental approach, our interest in listening to others’ issues, and our willingness to genuinely want to connect people to care and help them. 

Daniel Norvell, ICADC, ICCDP

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