Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prescription Drug Abuse on the Rise


Delaware’s The News Journal ran a three day special from November 6-8 focusing on the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in DE.  Prescription drug abuse is a serious issue that is striking close to home.  In DE, there is one death every other day due to the abuse of prescription pills.  Approximately one in eighteen people living in DE have admitted to taking prescription pain killers for non-medical use, ranking the state as 14th in the nation. The problem with prescription drugs has seriously affected DE, mainly because the state hasn't begun tracking prescriptions for narcotics and other controlled drugs.

The rates for prescription pill deaths in the state of DE have greatly surpassed even stereotypically more serious drugs such as heroin and cocaine.  In the past few years, opiates and anti-anxiety drugs contributed to the 354 deaths in Delaware, which is 72 percent higher than heroin, cocaine, and alcohol combined.

BCCS’ Domenica Personti was interviewed for the article that ran on November 6th entitled, “Pills' Artificial Sense of Safety Can Lull Many into Addiction.”  Domenica said, "They say, 'We pop pills. That's the cool thing to do.'” "They think you don't become the stereotypical drug addict, but you absolutely are."

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