Monday, June 20, 2011

News Journal: New Map Shows Spread of HIV/AIDS Along I-95

The June 18, 2011 News Journal ran an informative article on how HIV/AIDS has spread along the I-95 corridor. A new map confirms the effect of easy access to intravenous drugs via the highway, as well as Wilmington's proximity to Philadelphia and Baltimore. However, the highway also contributes to the spread of the disease via unsafe sex:

Just like major roads are drug-trafficking arteries, they also enable people infected with HIV to travel, said Basha Silverman, prevention program director at Brandywine Counseling. That way, HIV-infected people can maintain sexual relationships and spread the disease from city to city.

"The freeways create access and give people more opportunity for sexual contact," she said. "When sexual contact is unprotected, [sexually transmitted diseases] are spread."

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