Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Giving Tree Creates Holiday Magic for BCI Clients

Today, Brandywine Counseling hosted a very special event, our first annual Giving Tree party. With the help of some generous friends, we made a little holiday magic and spread some cheer.

During the month of December, a toy drive was held to make some holiday wishes come true for our clients’ children. Several friends of BCI placed Giving Trees in their workplace, including Jenner’s Pond, Jillian Grace Salon, and Sedona Fitness and Spa. Their employees took tags from the tree and bought toys matching the age and gender of the child. We were wowed to see the mountain of gifts that came in! BCI staff also took part in the drive with our own Giving Trees at three of our locations.

Today, it was time for our elves to deliver the gifts in time for the Christmas Holiday. We hosted a “Give A Child A Gift" party at the Outreach Center, and we invited our clients to come over and choose a gift to give to their child. Refreshments were served and there was wrapping paper for parents to wrap gifts themselves.

One mom who picked up gifts for her five kids said, “It was very nice for Brandywine to do something like this.” A grandmother of two said, “This really helps. She’s gonna love the Playdoh!” Another mom who took a Lite Brite home to her daughter said, “It’s supposed to be for the kids, but it makes you feel good, too.”

You can see photos from the party here, and a video is coming shortly! Thank you to our generous donors for making our first-ever Giving Tree a success! You took time to reflect on all the “gifts” you have in your life and remembered those who could use a little help this year. You helped make this a wonderful time of year for them!

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i think this is really wonderful, this has been a tough year for my family, and i know many others. financially, people are really struggling right now and when you have children to care for it makes it even harder-children don't understand money and they shouldn't have to worry about it either, children shouldn't be burdened with adult problems or issues.... but you know, what do you do when it's christmas and you barely have the money for food and electricity, not to mention christmas presents!!!!!

it was incredibly kind and generous for those other people at other businesses to help and buy gifts. that is something they do out of the kindness of their own heart and i think that's a really beautiful thing, i hope they realize how much their efforts and actions are appreciated :)