Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tobacco Addiction: Tolerable, or Treatable?

Should drug treatment programs be helping patients quit smoking? Historically, we look the other way. We see cigarette smoking as less of a health risk, and more difficult to quit, than illegal drugs and alcohol.

But some in the addictions field now say we should be doing more to help patients who want to quit. They point to the recent NIDA report, “Tobacco Addiction,” which summarizes the health risks and consequences of smoking, as well as medicinal and behavioral treatment options. Studies also show smoking can be a relapse trigger for drinking.

What do you think? Is a change in attitude needed? Is tobacco addiction tolerable, or is it treatable?

Should drug treatment programs address smoking?
Yes, it’s a health risk, just like other drugs.
No, let them smoke if they’re giving up other drugs.
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