Thursday, July 23, 2009

Presenting Our New Mission Statement!

Brandywine Counseling proudly presents our brand new mission statement, approved by our Board of Directors July 21, 2009.

Brandywine Counseling is a community organization that provides holistic care to persons and their families living with addiction, mental health, and HIV-related challenges.

We’re excited about this new statement. We think it really articulates the range of services we provide today. But we want to hear what you think! Vote in our poll below. The Board has agreed to revisit this mission statement later this year based on your feedback.

Also, stay tuned to find out how you can have input into a new BCI vision statement. This is different from a mission statement and something we’ve never had before. The process will be much more collaborative. So watch for information soon, and thank you for your continued support of BCI.

What do you think of BCI's new mission statement?
I love it!
It's good, but could be even better.
It needs more work.
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Anonymous said...

I think the New Mission Statement is good.

Sinchen McDuffy said...

Brandywine Counseling’s new mission statement is an awesome and powerful tool which will be used to empower and give back to the community which they serve. As a new intern at Brandywine Counseling I can personally say I witnessed many of the remarkable life saving stories. BCI has changed my life in so many ways in just knowing that I am taking part in literally saving people’s lives.

BCI Intern
Sinchen McDuffy