Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mark Lanyon Discusses Binge Drinking on "Delaware Tonight"

Mark Lanyon, Program Manager of BCI Alpha, appeared on WHYY's "Delaware Tonight" St. Patrick's Day evening as part of a report on the dangers of binge drinking.

Mark discussed how excessive drinking lowers one’s social inhibitions and may lead to high risk behaviors, including unintended sex, violence, and drunk driving. He also said if you feel you need treatment for alcoholism, “You have to do it on your own, but you can’t do it alone,” meaning family or friends can’t make you decide to stop, but you will need their help once you’ve made that choice.

The report also included what the University of Delaware is doing to make students aware of their drinking habits in terms of how they compare to their peers, how many calories they take in, and how much they spend. Finally, there was discussion of how families are impacted when one member has a drinking problem, how to set boundaries, and how to encourage that person to seek help.

You can watch the video here. It will be available through March 24. If that link doesn’t work, click here, then click Tues. Mar. 17, 2009, and the report begins about 12 minutes in. (To watch the video, you need to have Real Player installed or download it for free.)

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