Monday, December 15, 2008

We Want Your Review!

Have you had firsthand experience with Brandywine Counseling as a client, a volunteer, or a donor? Do you have answers to the following questions?

"I've seen the results of this organization in..."
"My experience would have been better if..."
"If I ran this organization I would..."

Customer reviews are everywhere. How many times have you gone online to see the opinions of people like you before you buy something? Maybe you’ve even written some of those reviews. Now, you can review Brandywine Counseling.

You can find us on, a Web site for ordinary people to review charities. The reviews will also be published on the GuideStar directory of non-profits.

You’ll be asked about “The Great” as well as “Ways to Make It Better.” You can also look at Needs and Offers for volunteers or donated items. The site is easy to use, and also fun. It's just like they say: Simple, bubba.

So head on over today and tell the world how great BCI is. And if you think we could do better, tell us that too. We’re listening.

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