Thursday, April 17, 2008

2007 Patient Satisfaction Survey

The results of BCI's 2007 patient satisfaction survey are now posted on our website. Thanks to the 313 patients who responded and rated us in areas such as environment of the clinic, confidentiality, and how much counseling is helping you.

While the ratings in all areas were in the acceptable range, we generally saw lower scores than in past years. The area of most concern to us is whether psychiatric/psychological services were helpful. Mental health services are an area we know needs improvement, which these scores confirm. You will be glad to know we are already taking steps to reduce the wait time, increase our staff training, and move closer to a "seamless continuum" of treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Survey results have been communicated to our staff, who will be working with our Continuous Quality Improvement committee to address the most important needs of you, our customers.


Anonymous said...

Theese numbers are false just as every thing else is. Just from the clients expressions and comments durring dosing is enough to know that the newark site is not at a 4.4 satisfactory rate. Its not a fair assesment when only 36 people responded at this location. maybee somebody needs to ask why the other 300-400 did not respond. Probaly because they are totaly disatisfied just like me!!!

Matt said...

It’s true that our response rate was lower at Newark – about a 10% sample compared to 16% for the agency overall. But I would still say it’s a good representation. We do our best to give everyone who wants to take part in the survey a chance to do so. There’s a large percentage of people at Newark who have take-homes and only come once or twice a month, meaning we have less chance to reach them. We received a mix of positive and negative comments from Newark, just as from all our locations, and we pay attention to all of them.