Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Watch HBO’s “Addiction” Online

HBO’s “Addiction” documentary is available for viewing on their web site. I recently got a chance to watch it and thought it was very well done. There are some powerful stories that are worth seeing whether you’re familiar with addiction or not. These stories are told by the people who lived them in their own words, which really humanizes the subject matter.

If you haven’t seen "Addiction" yet, you can watch it here. I recommend these segments:

A Mother's Desperation: Her daughter was doing whatever it took to get heroin. Donna would do whatever it took to save her.

The Science of Relapse: Interesting discussion of the brain’s “stop” and “go” impulses.

Opiate Addiction: A New MedicationAcadia Hospital is featured in this segment about Suboxone. Like BCI, they are an organization leading the way toward better patient access and retention; in fact, we’ve collaborated with them for national presentations.

Once you've seen the film, drop us a comment to tell us what you thought.

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