Thursday, November 6, 2008

Women Get Free Breast Cancer Screenings at BCI

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition was at the Brandywine Counseling Lancaster Avenue Center today providing free mammograms. Between 9:00 and 3:00, 19 female clients and staff took advantage of the service. Many of the clients would not otherwise have been screened. Some were unable to read or write.

Evelyn Handley, receptionist at BCI Alpha, coordinated today’s event. She stepped away from her desk for the day to get the women out to the van, sit with them to help fill out their paperwork, and make everybody feel comfortable. Evelyn had this to say:

“This was a great opportunity for a lot of the women. A lot of our clients here don’t have primary physicians, so [nurse practitioner] Chris Zebley and Dr. Glick were amazing today. They were the ones writing the prescriptions for them to be able to be seen today, and Brandywine Counseling and I are very appreciative of that.

“Melany and Laura [from the Breast Cancer Coalition] were very kind to me, helping me put this together. When I called back to explain about our clients and how early they come here, they were willing to come here an hour earlier, and they did. The nurses here on the vehicle, they’re so kind, they’ve been very patient, because they had no idea it was going to be this many people this fast in the morning. We had the first 12 people show up before 10:30. All of our women have been screened, and I’m appreciative of that. This has been a lot of fun.

“I’d like to thank Chris Zebley first and foremost, and Joyce Bunkley, and Dr. Glick for allowing this to happen. Also Sally Allshouse, who was all for this, and Lynn Fahey and Mark Lanyon helped as well. Also I’d like to give some credit to one of our counselors, Daniel Norvell. This was his idea, I just took on the task, and we got it done!”

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